What is the Plaster Fun Time Box (PFT Box”)?

The Plaster Fun Time Box is a deliver-to-home program (NOT a subscription plan… more on that below) that brings the fun of a Plaster Fun Time experience to your home (or vacation home or campground… or anywhere where kids can have fun!).

Why The Plaster Fun Time Box?

The PFT Box has been created and designed based on our over two decades of experience on making a GREAT creative experience for our customers of all ages, answering the calls we get from across the country to bring the Plaster Fun Time experience to their city/ town or location away from a store.

How does the Plaster Fun Time Box work?

Once you select a package, your recipient will be sent a box based on the package selected, age and interest of the recipient.

Easy instructions are included in each box – but the Plaster Fun Time experience is about creativity and the experience. Let those creative juices flow!

What ages is the Plaster Fun Time Box Appropriate for?

Can the recipient hold a paintbrush? Then the PFT Box is appropriate!

The Plaster Fun Time Box is designed for age and interests selected.

When you check out, please indicate a) recipients’age, b) sex, and c) any preferences or interests. We make sure that the recipient never receives the same piece twice and we will try to match interests with our thousands of unique pieces.

What Else Will be Needed to Complete a Project?

Exactly NOTHING!

That’s right – nothing! No ‘I hope we have some spare X,Y,Z around’.  A PFT Box and the first supplies contains everything you will need for a great craft experience.

In the first box your recipient will receive both their first project as well as EVERYTHING they will need to finish projects over the next year, including high-end professional artist grade paintbrushes, a can of our high-gloss proprietary spray and our custom formulated glitter / sparkles. In future deliveries a new piece, brand new paints, and a drop-sheet to contain the mess the creative process demands will be included.

How Can I Ask Other Questions?

Ask away! You can reach us at

How much does it cost?

There are three plan options for regular deliveries over a year and a ‘party box’:

  1. 3 Items.Shipped in January. Non-holiday time of year shipment is one month post-order. Cost: $59.99 ($19.99 per experience).
  2. 6 Items – 3 items per box. Shipping in January and March (non-holiday time of year, shipments are 1 month and 4 months post order). Cost: $99.99 ($16.67 per experience – a 17% savings!)
  3. 12 Items – 3 items per box. Shipping in January, March, June and August (non-holiday time of year, shipments are 1, 3, 5 and 7 months post order). Cost: $179.99 ($14.99 per experience – a 25% savings!)
  4. Our party box includes 12 pieces shipped at once along with everything you need (individual paint, spray, pieces, sparkles. Everything EXCEPT BRUSHES for $149.99

With any individual order (1, 2, or 3) a postcard to the recipient is sent by mail to the recipient or by email to the purchaser for gift giving.

What if I want to cancel / I don’t want to renew?

Good news! All of our packages are pre-paid and NON RENEWING, so you don’t need to worry about a recurring charge on your credit card. Unfortunately, because we pre-ship all of the supplies (sprays, brushes, sparkles), our packages are non-refundable.

By choosing a package, you are NOT signed up to automatically renew your subscription so there is nothing to cancel.

Let us repeat that: We are not retaining your credit card information to keep billing you until you track us down and insist we stop! We will ask you as your subscription is expiring about your experience and if you want to purchase another package – but that is up to you when the time comes and will never be automatically billed.


How does the PFT Box compare to other kits I can buy?

Boy are we glad you asked that question! It comes down to experience, expertise and the BEST materials in the industry what make a better craft experience… and an awesome, unique creation every time!


Let’s look at each item side-by-side with a popular brand-name competitor:


Figurines to Paint:

PFT Box Others
Origin USA China
Size (height) 7-12 inches 2-4 inches
Proprietary designs Yes Maybe?



PFT Box Others
Origin USA China
Colors 6 6
Black and White included? Yes No
Volume (each color) At least 15 ml 2-3 ml
Proprietary formulation Yes No


Supplies / Finishes:

PFT Box Others
Brushes Included 3 1
Brush Sizes Large / Broad area, large detailed, small detailed Medium generic
Brush Quality Artist / Premium Grade Single Use
Gloss / Spray? Yes No
Sparkles Yes No
Clean-up supplies Yes – Several 2: 2*3 ft sheets No


Is This Safe? What about allergens?

Everything in the Plaster Fun Time Box is completely safe and is 100% food allergen free.

  • Our paints are fully ATSM 4235 compliant and certified. What exactly does that mean, you wonder? Is means our paint are so safe – they can even be eaten without issue (other than your taste buds will not be happy!!).
  • Our plaster pieces are made with gypsum and water – that’s it. There are no food allergens or additives whatsoever.
  • Like all aerosol products, our spray should be used ONLY by an adult in well ventilated areas. We strongly recommend that Spray be kept out of reach of children and only be used outdoors.

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