Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is so special about Plaster Fun Time?

A: That could be a long answer, but most importantly Plaster Fun Time is special because we focus on kids and making them feel special, fulfilled and successful. We use plaster, not ceramic or clay, because the material is easy to work with and our finishes dry immediately. You can take your piece home that same day!

Q: How much does a visit cost?

A: It depends what piece you pick – we have a wide variety of piece sizes, themes and types. We charge only for the piece that you choose and everything our customers need to make their own special masterpiece (including as much paint as you want) are all included in the price. Our pricing starts at $12.99 for a wide selection from our “Red Wall”.

Q: How long does it take / how long can I stay?

A: You can keep working on your piece for as long or as little time as you wish! If you run out of time when a store is closing, no problem! We will stamp your piece and you can bring it back at any time… to any Plaster Fun Time store.

Q: Do I need a reservation?

A: You never need a reservation to visit Plaster Fun Time as a walk-in painter. Even though we take reservations for birthday parties, we are open seven days a week and reserve at least half of our store for walk-in painters. Birthday parties should book as early as possible as we only host a small number every weekend and our slots fill up quickly!

Q: What are the recommended ages for Plaster Fun Time?

A: We are designed for Family Fun for all ages! Depending on the child, we have painters as young as 2 up to 102.

Q: How do your parties work?

A: We host awesome birthday parties! Please check out our Birthday Party link and if you have more questions, please call your local store. Our staff can answer all of the questions regarding parties when you call your local Plaster Fun Time. Give us a call today!

Q: Is Plaster Fun Time ever too busy to get in?

A: No, our stores are big with lots of room to host birthday parties and walk-ins. Naturally, vacation days can be busy so we recommend visiting us early when we open or a few hours before closing time.

Q: Are the materials non-toxic and washable?

A: All of our paints are non-toxic and wash easily off of hands and hair. However, our paint does not wash out of clothing. We provide smocks for every child who paints at Plaster Fun Time.

Q: What about allergies? My child has a food allergy.

A: All of our pieces, paints, and materials are free from food allergens (nuts, whey, lactose, etc). For non food allergens, please inquire and we will be happy to help! Of course we are a public facility which others do bring food, so for extreme cases, please use caution as appropriate.

Q: Do you sell items like mugs and bowls?

A: Our shapes are made of plaster (not ceramic), therefore our pieces do not get fired in a kiln. We create the shiny finish with a polyurethane spray that creates the appearance that it has been fired, but they are not suited for use with food or water.

Q: Do you have classes to instruct children?

A: No. Unlike other stores which offer instruction, Plaster Fun Time is designed to let kids “paint it their way” to make her or his own masterpiece. Our philosophy is to allow children the freedom to paint their own way. While our staff is there to make children familiar with the materials, we believe kids are happiest when they use their own creativity.

Q: Can I reserve Plaster Fun Time for a private function?

A: Yes. Call your nearest Store with the details of the event you are planning and we can work with you to reserve the Store before or after regular business hours.

Q: Is Plaster Fun Time open on holidays?

A: We are open on many Holidays. We are always closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Call your local Store if you are unsure.

Q: Can I buy plaster to take home to paint?

A: Yes, you can purchase Plaster Fun Time figurines to paint at home or anywhere else. We can pack a primer and a to go set of 6 paints for you as well! Additional paints can be purchased.

We also have take home kits for sale. Check the inventory in your local store!

Q: How do I repair an item that I painted at Plaster Fun Time that has broken?

A: We recommend regular Elmer’s Glue and an hour or two to dry.

Q: Will Plaster Fun Time Donate to My Fundraiser?

A: As we receive hundreds of requests per month for so many worthwhile causes, unfortunately we cannot donate to every request. Please see our Fundraising page for more information.

Q: How May I Work with Plaster Fun Time to Raise Cash Funds for My Organization?

A. We are happy to host Fundraising Days at Plaster Fun Time to support worthy causes. Please see our Fundraising page for more information or call your local Store to learn more.

Q: Can I buy a Plaster Fun Time Franchise?

A: We are not a Franchise organization, but you can learn about how we can help here: Franchising Information…

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