September 1, 2019

We HATE price increases! We all have families and notice the increased prices of EVERYTHING around us. We at Plaster Fun Time work hard to keep everything in our stores at Family friendly prices.

However, with the cost of everything around us, we have had to implement a small ($1.00) increase of our base prices, just to partially keep up with wage inflation. As a small business, most of our cost is in labor and we do everything we can do keep costs down…to keep Family fun affordable to you! In fact, our inflation adjusted prices have gone DOWN over the last 5, 10 and 25 years.

As always we offer lots of ways for Families to save with us – so please join our mailing list for coupons, consider becoming a VIP to save big all year… and thanks again for your loyalty to the Massachusetts original… Plaster Fun Time! 🙂

September 30, 2018

More Store Upgrades!!!

Another Store upgrade! We are OPEN at 855 Worcester Road in Framingham, relocating to a larger space with PARKING and a SAFE entry and exit for our customers. Come check out our new space! 🙂

September 15, 2017

It’s Finally Official!!!

Store upgrade! We are OPEN at 265 Main Street in North Reading! Larger, newer space much more Family friendly area. Come check us out!!

October 4, 2016

It’s Finally Official!!!

We are growing again! Store number 10 will be in Haverhill, MA! More news on the grand opening soon!

October 1, 2016

What makes Plaster Fun Time different?

We had this question posed to us a few times over the last month, once by a reporter, then again by one of our Mom Blog Partners and most innocently by a 4 year old in one of our stores.

As with most things at Plaster Fun Time, it was the 4 year old’s question that got to the right answer!

With the ‘grown ups’ we droned on about paint quality and our access to great pieces because of our exclusive partnership with our sister company. Then about scale and experience and training and… blah blah blah blah. Boring!

While all of those things are true, the REAL answer is our exclusive focus on allowing the Kids (of all ages) to express their creativity. Everything we do enables the freedom for guests to simply HAVE FUN and BE CREATIVE. We don’t do classes or lessons. We don’t do multiple things trying to be everyone’s destination for everything. We are Plaster Fun Time!

So, to our 4 year old customer who got us to answer the question properly — thanks!

Sept 15, 2016

What makes a great Birthday Party?

At Plaster Fun Time, we have been hosting Birthday Parties in Newton, Reading and Framingham for well over 20 years. We are proud that we are now getting second generations of families coming back for THEIR kids birthday parties!

We are asked a lot, why are our birthday parties so great and what has kept them so successful over the years?

While some things have changed, what has not (and will not) change is the party is about the guest of honor and their guests. We do our best to create enough structure to make sure everyone has their own great unique experience while having enough group activities to make it a Party.

(PSSSSSSST  – plus our little secret with the Parents. We take care of the entertaining, cleaning up the mess AND because we are Plaster Fun Time everyone is taking home their unique creation plus a balloon from us, which means no party favor bags to worry about!)

Questions? Call your local store today!

Braintree Birthday Parties – 781-849-8400

Chelmsford Birthday Parties – 978-452-2700

Dedham Birthday Parties – 781-326-4455

Framingham Birthday Parties – 508-879-3200

Newton Birthday Parties – 617-244-6080

Reading Birthday Parties – 781-944-6383

Salem Birthday Parties – 978-745-7788

Saugus Birthday Parties – 781-558-2100

Waltham Birthday Parties – 781-788-9600

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