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Creative Field Trips for Schools and Groups

The Planning is Easy!

Give Us a Call and Book Now.

Our large facilities and our expert staff can entertain any size group but you need to book early. If your organization needs direct billing or is tax exempt, we will be happy to make the process an easy one.

Visits are Fun and Educational!

Kids Get Out and They Get to Create!

Whether the group is earning a badge for scouting or simply looking for creative enrichment for a group of eager kids, a visit to Plaster Fun Time will make everyone happy.

Our wide range of figurine shapes ensures that both boys and girls of all ages enjoy the painting process and each child leaves with a masterpiece that they can be proud of.

Special Savings for Larger Groups

Plaster Fun Time offers group discounts for as few as 20 or more children.
Please contact us to discuss discounts based on much larger numbers. (Group discounts do not apply to birthday parties).

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